How to Find The Right Partners for App Development


App development is not easy, especially if you’re developing a complex application with a lot of features. In fact, app development agencies have their own teams- a group of people that are assigned to different tasks with the end goal being the same; to create a well-functional app that looks professional as well. So, if you’re looking to create your own app development startup, you will need to find the right people for the job. Here are some tips on how you can find the right partners to help you with app development:

1. Your Vision Should Be Almost the Same

To find your perfect partner, you need to be somewhat in-sync. Your ideas may not be exactly the same, but it has to be something of a perfect marriage. You see, every one of us is unique in that we bring different things to the table. However, your ideas need to be somewhat the same so that if you’re going to develop applications with them, you can be on the same page. If the person doesn’t like your ideas or if they have methods that do not mesh with your style, then you’re better off looking for someone else.

2. There Should be an Equal Distribution of Responsibilities

As I mentioned earlier in the article, app development is not easy and one just cannot develop an app with amazing features alone because it can really take a lot of time. Therefore, your partners should be able to handle their own. In other words, there should be an equal distribution of responsibilities. For instance, you could handle the backend code processes while your partner will handle the design. Some people can handle the actual content and some will handle the ASO. Whatever things you need to do to develop an application, it should be dividedamongst all of your members equally.

3. Find Some People Who Are Different Than You

At least, in terms of the skill set and talent. An ideal partner should be someone who will complement you. For example, if you are a really good programmer, but you do not know how to talk to clients in a manner that they can understand, then a good partner will be the one to handle the communication. Conversely, if you know how to talk to clients but you aren’t necessarily gifted with the right set of skills to make the application, then find someone who will do the nitty gritty stuff like backend coding, ASO, etc.

4. Look at Different Platforms

Looking for partners shouldn’t just be limited to physical interaction as you can also find suitable partners online as well. Some great places where you can get some people are:

a) CoFounders Lab- This platform is great if you look for partners that will handle the business side of things
b) VentureStorm- If you are looking for junior programmers or people who have talent but lack the experience, then you should look into this platform.
c) Startup Weekend- Another haven for new programmers, Startup Weekend will give you details if there are any startup events in your area so that you can physically talk to some like-minded individuals.


When developing an application, you will need to find other people that will help you with the mammoth workload. Find members who are complementary to your skill set and talents. Look at the different platforms to help you find a suitable partner. Whatever it, make sure that you assemble your own team before you start with development.